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Tharawat Bahrain

Capitalism supports a system where money is in only a few hands, whereas communism allows all hands to have no money. Such systems have had a destabilizing effect on society and economic structures around the world. This destabilization has been inherited by an imperfect mankind who created these systems. Today, mankind is in need of a moderate social framework that should provide solutions to problems created by these imperfect, manmade systems.

Islam believes that all wealth belongs to Allah (the “Creator”) and we are entrusted with it. In other words, Islam ensured freedom with controls; a freedom that, in all cases, will not leave out the rights and well-being of society. Muslims believe the impeccable Creator has formed a faultless system that suits all eras and generations and that Islam ensures equal distribution of wealth, at the same time creating a motive for productivity by providing the freedom to seek personal wealth.

As an investment company working under Sharia’a compliancy, Tharawat commits to contributing to the real economy while being responsible for the quality of life of its members and their families as well as society as a whole. Tharawat studies its activities’ impact on society before making any corporate decisions. It has therefore shaped a corporate self regulation system and integrated it into its business model.       

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